Christianity and Crisis

The Chaplain Can Teach the Church
The Chaplain Can Teach the Church

“There is much for the chaplain to teach the church, as well as much instruction to be received from the church.”

“What Limits Has Freedom of Religion?” by Henry Smith Leiper
What Limits Has Freedom of Religion?

The following article by Henry Smith Leiper first appeared in Christianity and Crisis on July 9, 1945, and discusses how and why a state can legitimately limit religious freedom.

Beware the Pride of Victors: Reinhold Niebuhr on Japan’s Surrender
Beware the Pride of Victors: Reinhold Niebuhr on Japan’s Surrender

“It was inevitable that the final surrender of Japan, ending the costliest war of human history, should be greeted with a delirium of joy all over the world, and in America particularly.”

A Christian View on Sovereignty

This article by Gerald Monsman from 75 years ago, originally titled “Reflections on Sovereignty,” addresses whether the United States should cooperate with other countries for the global good.

Soberness in Victory: A Reflection on V-E Day from 75 Years Ago

On May 8, 1945, the Allies accepted Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender. Shortly thereafter, Reinhold Niebuhr explained why the victors should be sober and humble.

Why Americans Should Critique Their Government, Even When Others Are Worse

Christianity and Crisis published the following editorial by Reinhold Niebuhr on February 19, 1945. He explains not only why his publication criticized the United States’ foreign policies as the country fought Nazi Germany, but also why Christians should not have uncritical loyalty to the nation.

Criticizing America over COVID-19 Response

Americans should be willing to condemn China’s great crimes while also critiquing America’s mistakes. Democratic citizens’ right to criticize their government is a key reason why the US is better than China and why democracies ultimately outperform autocracies.

The Western Man's Arrogance: Including the Former Colonies
The Western Man’s Arrogance: Including the Former Colonies

This thought-provoking article, originally published in Christianity and Crisis on November 30th, 1942, suggests that a better post-war world is one that includes the colonies of the Western powers (the nations that were colonies at the time of this piece’s writing). Editor Miner Searle Bates chides the Allied powers for excluding nations such as China and India in their post-war planning and argues that they deserve a seat at the table.

The Christian and the War: Fighting for Justice, not from Necessity
The Christian and the War: Fighting for Justice, not from Necessity

Reinhold Niebuhr refutes the argument that Christians are only allowed to pursue war for the purpose of self-defense. He asserts that a Christian’s willingness to fight should stem from a desire to seek and promote justice.