A People Without Culture: What the End of Reading Truly Means 

Democracy requires a broadly disseminated literary tradition through which to transmit the culture that sustains a civilization

Potemkin Pillages: Putin As Cultural Grave-Robber

When our own statue-toppling Western culture-warriors seek to empty our museums and metaphorically shoot busts of our own national heroes through the skull here at home, they should consider the implications. Revisionist culture-wars may one day prevent nations from defending themselves properly in real shooting-wars.

The Fourteen Posts of Christmas: 2021–22 Edition - Yule Blog
The Fourteen Posts of Christmas: 2021–22 Edition

My generation and the generation before us inherited an enormous wealth of spiritual capital from a society shaped by hundreds of years of deep religious faith and engagement. Our environment was shaped by that wealth in ways that many of us did not understand; we took it for granted.