America Must Not Alienate India and Japan as Conservative Democracies

As competition with China intensifies, the US cannot afford to alienate Japan and India as nations with a strong sense of national identity

Political Parties, Hubris & Providence

Electoral defeat, in a healthy society, is not an existential crisis, but a providential time for recalibration

Lessons from Tiananmen Square, 35 Years Later

There was hope for democratic reform in China 35 years ago, and that hope remains alive today

Review of “Jesus and the Powers” by Michael Bird and N.T. Wright

Michael Bird and NT Wright’s latest book is insightful, yet suffers from vagueness about specific responses to today’s pressing political questions

Two Ladies, Two National Spirits

Great nations often have two great national spirits, two internal voices between which they must choose in providential times.

Liberal Internationalism vs “Democratic Realism,” 20 Years Later 

30 years after Charles Krauthammer’s “Democratic Realism”, his pragmatic internationalism is needed more than ever

What Happened To Duty? 

Only with a strong sense of duty to our local communities are democracy and freedom truly possible

The Elusive Hunt for Economic Justice

Economic power must not be too concentrated in the government or among a few private citizens

Towards a More Reasonable Account of American Christian Nationalism

American Christian nationalism is, critics would have us believe, a very scary thing