Conservatism’s Missing Protestants

Protestants have to get their act together so that we can have real pluralism.

Was the Arab Spring Worth It?

Tunisia’s democratic repeal of their constitution should raise questions about the purpose and goals of the US-backed Arab Spring

Free Speech Healthy Politics House Un-American Activities Committee
Free Speech and Healthy Politics

Now what is here symbolized has been the most fundamental idea in our American democracy. Ours is a government by discussion.

Public Opinion Will Disappoint Isolationists - Ukraine - Russia
Public Opinion Will Disappoint Isolationists

Once again, public opinion polls have disappointed isolationists and others who want the United States to have a minimalist foreign policy. Almost overnight, a large swath of America now wants to counter Russia, and elected officials who want to keep their jobs have responded.

Reflections on Truck Blockades and Canada’s Martial Law

The Canadian trucker protests deserve attention, especially viewed in the light of recent events in Canada that have been little-known outside the country, and also for what they reveal about the country’s political order and class divisions.

U.S. Foreign Policy & LGBTQIA+ Advocacy

America’s foreign policy must extoll the majesty of our timeless democratic principles originating in the Declaration of Independence.

Christmas 80 Years Ago & Today

The struggle for that free and decent world never ends this side of the parousia.

Hope amid Suffering as a Child is Born
Hope amid Suffering as a Child is Born

Hope is, fundamentally, the conviction that things can be different, that what is badly wrong with the world is not ultimately irreparable. Like the Christian calendar, which mirrors the rhythms of the year even as it points to something beyond, hope directs our vision to a better world just beyond the horizon.

Pearl Harbor & Tomorrow

The surprise attack 80 years ago, although killing over 2000 and sinking much of the fleet, only shocked the dynamo into still greater energy.