Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte and Heaven’s Justice

With Duterte, many felt heaven’s justice had come, wielding (symbolically and literally) the sword entrusted to government against evildoers. And despite international criticism, the Filipino people widely approve of the Duterte way. When offered the choice between vigilante justice and no justice at all, a downtrodden people will choose the former every time.

Venezuela referendum
Venezuelan Referendum: Maduro’s Strongest Pillar Has Fallen

On July 16, more than 7 million Venezuelan citizens voted in a national referendum. The Venezuelan people have spoken. Now the world needs to respond.

Lourdes Church ruins during World War II
The Church and the War

This provocative article written by Donald H. Stewart in the heat of World War II calls on the American Church to guide America toward a responsible patriotism which jettisons hatred and self-righteous aggrandizement while remembering “judgment belongeth unto God.”

Problems of European Reorganization
Problems of European Reorganization

On May 18, 1942, the Editors of Christianity & Crisis sought fit to postulate and navigate what the world would look like with a victory against the Axis Powers. In this article, Eduard Heimann masterfully articulates the challenges and requirements that the Allied forces would face in attempting to reorganize and rebuild Europe.

The Unescapable God
The Unescapable God

This article about the reality of God’s eternal love and justice amidst the context of World War II was originally published in Christianity & Crisis on May 18, 1942.

The Importance of the Chaplaincy
The Importance of the Chaplaincy

This article about the role and need for the clergy to serve as Chaplains during World War II was originally published in Christianity & Crisis in 1942.

A Costly Education: Great War Lessons on Democracy, Trade, and Arms Races
A Costly Education: Great War Lessons on Democracy, Trade, and Arms Races

The Great War, which America entered a century ago this month, offers lessons for us today on democracy, trade, and arms races.

Long-Lasting Commitment to Afghanistan Can Forge Sustainable Peace

A recent Brookings event discussed how the next president ought to forge an enduring U.S. policy commitment to Afghanistan.

Václav Havel Plea to America Help Russia on Road to Democracy
Václav Havel’s Plea to America: “Help Russia on Road to Democracy”

As we approach the 80th anniversary of the birth of Václav Havel on October 5, we reflect on the legacy of the man who needs no introduction.