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Brazil & Christian Violence

Strong faith is no substitute for or guarantee of political good judgment.

Hamiltonian Foreign Policy and the Pursuit of Justice

Foreign policy does not have to be driven by altruism to be moral. Instead, they are the natural product of a mature prudence and prioritization of the national interest.

Carl F.H. Henry and Communism: The Failure of Liberal Protestantism and the Opportunity for Evangelical Public Theology

Rediscovered Notes on the 75th Anniversary of The Uneasy Conscience Reveal Convictions of Carl Henry.

The Chinese Christians Fighting for Hong Kong

“If I suffer for the right cause, it only define[s] the person I am becoming. It can only be good for me to become a better person if I believe in the Lord.”

Evangelizing Politics

The purpose of Christian engagement in politics is not to eradicate injustice and evil but to express love towards people and to testify to the goodness of Christ

Niebuhr’s Report from Scotland, 1947
Niebuhr’s Report from Scotland, 1947

In late winter and early spring 1947, Reinhold Niebuhr visited Europe and wrote short editorials for Christianity and Crisis as he traveled. In the following correspondences, the first coming from Scotland and the second coming from somewhere in the United Kingdom, he offers brief reflections on different current events.

Evangelism First
Evangelism First

No amount of general exhortations about the fallacies of secular philosophies, or about the actual or potential contribution of the Church to the life of the world can be of much use in the long run unless men and women come into the Church, not primarily because the Church is good for the world, but primarily because its faith is for them the deepest truth about life, about their own lives, because in its worship they find their God.

Are Young Evangelicals Experiencing a Change of Heart on Israel?
Are Young Evangelicals Experiencing a Change of Heart on Israel?

Last month, a disturbing headline from The Times of Israel proclaimed, “Support for Israel among young US evangelical Christians drops sharply — survey.”

A Problem of Evangelical Christianity: What Reinhold Niebuhr Wrote
A Problem of Evangelical Christianity: What Reinhold Niebuhr Said

In 1946, Reinhold Niebuhr visited an evangelical church for an Easter worship service in a movie theater. He did not entirely enjoy the experience. Here are his reflections.