Falun Gong

The Chinese Christians Fighting for Hong Kong

“If I suffer for the right cause, it only define[s] the person I am becoming. It can only be good for me to become a better person if I believe in the Lord.”

Olympic Boycotts: From Berlin 1936 to Beijing 2022

How should democratic governments, as well as Christian citizens, respond to an Olympics held in an authoritarian regime that holds a million Muslim Uighurs in forced labor camps, represses Christians and other religious minorities, and has clamped down on the once-free inhabitants of Hong Kong?

Religious Persecution in China Intensifies Brainwashing Camps Christians
Religious Persecution in China Intensifies with Brainwashing Camps for Christians

Given the gravity of the situation in China, the administration and Congress must step up efforts to hold the CCP accountable for its violations of religious freedom.

China Sees Space on the High Moral Ground Xi Jinping Davos Switzerland World Economic Forum
China Sees Space on the High Moral Ground

At Davos on January 17, President Xi Jinping spoke of China’s determination to play a responsible role to “secure peace and reduce poverty.” Xi was applauded. Yet China abuses the fundamental human rights of its people, undermines international human rights institutions, and indeed subverts the very concept of individual human rights.