Fascist Italy

Heil, Hobbit!: Giorgia Meloni and the Politicization of JRR Tolkien

In post-war Italy, the fantasy epics of JRR Tolkien became required reading for the post-fascist right; but does that really mean Hobbits were all Hitlerites?

Relearning the Economic Lessons of Great Power Conflict

Nicolas Mulder’s “The Economic Weapon” has important lessons for America following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Neville Chamberlain declaring peace in his time: September 30, 1938
The Folly of Wishful Thinking Idealism: the Indwelling Sin of All Men

Wishful Thinking Idealism, unlike Christian Realism, believes that everyone, even competition, is fundamentally reasonable.

Giorgia Meloni & Secularizing Italy

Hopefully much of Meloni’s rhetoric in this regard is mostly showmanship and she governs pragmatically, not as a crusade of resentment. 

The Churches and the War: Imploring Christian Conscience
The Churches and the War: Imploring Christian Conscience

This article, which might be described as a call to action for the church, was originally published in Christianity and Crisis on September 21, 1942. John C. Bennett challenges the church to avoid an indifferent neutrality in the face of clear evil and human suffering. The Christian conscience must be attuned to the realities of the world, aware that sin inhabits all hearts but that that cannot be used to reject any action.

The Deeper Issues
The Deeper Issues

This perceptive article written by Henry P. Van Dusen during World War II conveys the import of Christian solidarity to help secure an Allied victory and overcome the deeper cultural and social issues that they face.