Foreign Policy

Russia and China at Once – Part III: The Importance of Alliances (Including Internal)

The United States cannot pursue a strategy capable of deterring and, if necessary, defeating both China and Russia at the same time alone. We need allies.

Henry Kissinger’s Next Century

Kissinger the Centenarian continues to amaze – his wisdom is a national treasure in this troubled twenty-first century.

Foreign-Policy Folly: The War in Ukraine According to One “American Conservative”

Ukraine’s fate, most assuredly, will determine the West’s – and America’s – authority in the world.

New Afterword in Haas’ A World in Disarray Criticizes Trump’s Foreign Policy
A New Word on a New Edition: Haass’ A World in Disarray Criticizes Trump’s First Year

In a new paperback edition of “A World in Disarray,” Richard Haass says Trump’s foreign policy has added to global disorder.

Only a Matter of Time: Trump on Trade and the Temptation to Disrupt

This is an axiom, as true for foreign policy as it is for our faith. We may not be bound by history, but we are damned if we ignore it. The root of conservatism is the tendency to see value in traditions not as ends unto themselves but as visible reminders of the sacrifices of those who have gone before.

Cattle, Pigs & Skunks (O My!): A Brief Reflection on the Religious Foreign Policy Persuasion

Christian theo-political witness has always contended that political responsibility cannot be had by seeking either greatness or goodness absent the other.

President Omar al-Bashir, president of Sudan, one of July's forgotten countries
Mainstream Media’s (Four)gotten Countries of July 2017

While the media spotlight shines on a few high-profile countries, four forgotten countries (Lithuania, Yemen, Sudan, and Morocco) operate under the radar.

Power in Context: A Response to a Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy
Power in Context: A Response to a Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy

The underlying problem with the Declaration, in my view, is that it is absolutely necessary to understand power in context. Power and the questions of authority, legitimacy, and sovereignty itself are products of time and place—and those phenomena change fundamentally with time.

Egypt Cathedral Bombing Copt Christian Terrorism
A Rough Stretch in a Season of Waiting: Egypt’s Christians & the Cathedral Bombing

It took me a moment to comprehend. I opened my cell phone to check the news and saw the bold headline: 25 dead and 49 injured in an attack on the Coptic Orthodox cathedral. The spiritual center of Egyptian Christianity had been mercilessly violated.