George H. W. Bush

In the Interest of Humanity Humanitarian Intervention Syrian Civil War
In the Interest of Humanity

Determining when and where to serve “the interest of humanity” is not a science. In a broken world, American policymakers must seek the counsel of the heart and the head, aim for the achievable, and choose the least-bad option.

Angola Angolan Falwell Bush Savimbi
Angolan Dinner with George H.W. Bush & Jerry Falwell

Angola’s elections last week signaled the departure of Africa’s second longest serving leader, reminding me of an exhilarating 1986 dinner I attended.

When Character Mattered: Lessons from President George H.W. Bush
When Character Mattered: Lessons from President George H.W. Bush

Good character isn’t a matter of perfection, but rather direction. President George H.W. Bush always seemed to have that sense of direction, that internal compass keeping him—and America—on the right path.

Bearing the Burden

With the Middle East on fire, Europe on edge, Russia on the march, and China on the rise, America’s interlocking system of alliances is more important now than at any time since the beginning of the Cold War.

Word Choice: “Freedom” Absent from First Presidential Debate, Part of Troubling Trend

Amidst the post-debate spinning, little has been discussed about what Trump and Clinton didn’t say. “Freedom” was nowhere to be found in the debate transcript.

For George H.W. Bush Nobel Prize for Peace
For George H.W. Bush, a Nobel Prize for Peace?

The increasingly frail 41st President of the United States surely deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace for his enlightened and, yes, prudent diplomacy in a dangerous era. Not only did he guide the world toward German reunification, he carefully avoided “dancing on the Berlin Wall.”