HR 1009

Just War Reasoning Overcomes Moral Ambiguity on War and Peace

Remarks delivered by Eric Patterson at Catholic University of America on Sept. 13th, 2022 on HR 1009.

HR 1009: Subordinating Military Power to Politics

We can be grateful for Congressman McNerney reminding us that force serves politics and not the other way around.

Law and Just War Tradition: Passing HR 1009

Though soldiers and military leaders are bound by Just War Tradition (JWT), members of Congress and civilian leaders are not. The passage of HR 1009, is one step toward bridging this gap. 

Two Cheers for McNerney’s Just War Resolution

American thinking has often been shaped by Just War Theory, if implicitly. Last year, Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-CA) introduced HR 1009 that clarifies and makes explicit the American commitment to the just war tradition. 

Bringing Just War Theory to Congress With H.R. 1009

In March of 2022, I introduced H.Res. 1009 to propose implementing structured deliberation on the most serious and grave responsibility…