John Howard Yoder

“Christian Politics” Don’t Exist
“Christian Politics” Don’t Exist

Much of the “radical” Christian movement of the past couple decades is rooted in the idea that there is a…

Yoder, Sex Abuse, and War

Recently, the legacy of John Howard Yoder has come under scrutiny in light of his prolific sexual misconduct. Mark Tooley argues that these revelations further demonstrate that Yoder twisted his theology to suit his lifestyle.

Religious Left Misdiagnoses Crisis of Evangelicalism - Donald Trump - Power
Religious Left Misdiagnoses Crisis of Evangelicalism

The long history of Christian reflection does not share Mark Labberton’s confidence that “God so loved the world” means the rejection of power and worldly politics.

Was Jesus a Pacifist?
Was Jesus a Pacifist?

Against the seemingly gentle assertions of pacifism, those who truly want to love in our world must understand there remains a need of coercion to maintain a minimum of justice and to preserve those innocents whom the unjust would ravage.

Michael Cromartie Speech at Providence Launch Event
Michael Cromartie’s Speech at Providence Launch Event

In memory of Michael Cromartie, who passed away yesterday, here is his speech at Providence’s launch event in November 2015.

Doing Violence to Scripture Christian pacifism Just War Tradition
Doing Violence to Scripture

Christian pacifism became untenable for me because the God who punished, killed, and destroyed in the Old Testament remains the God of the New Testament.

Christians and American Empire
Christians and American Empire

Preoccupation with “empire” by some American Christian elites may be back now that Donald Trump is president.

The Moral Underpinnings of Just Retribution: Justice & Charity in Symbiosis

The notion of retribution or punishment has long been the scourge of social science. Christian thinkers should develop the distinction between retribution and revenge or retaliation.

Rome Peacemaking Conference
Just War as Peacemaking

The just war ethic is really and first an approach to politics as the moral exercise of power in service of justice, fairness, stability, and ultimately peace.