What Ken Burns Omits From The Vietnam War

Although Burns and Novick don’t besmirch veterans as flagrantly, their misrepresentation of the war and its warriors has reopened old wounds. It’s not just Vietnam veterans’ reputations at stake; how we view this war shapes how we view ourselves as Americans.

Christian Reconstruction in Europe: Responsible Rebuilding
Christian Reconstruction in Europe: Responsible Rebuilding

This timely article asserts a particular role for Christians in rebuilding Europe after World War II. Although the article was originally published in Christianity and Crisis by Roland Elliott on November 30th, 1942, it is relevant for Christians looking at the destruction in Syria today.

Independence Day in Pyongyang, North Korea, 1896
Independence Day in Pyongyang, 1896

Few Americans realize that Fourth of July celebrations once occurred in a place where they are now inconceivable: Pyongyang, now the capital of North Korea.