Ukraine, the U.S., and the Budapest Memorandum

The cost of aiding Ukraine may be high, but the cost of not is probably higher

Russia’s March Elections Will Tell Who Wants Victory in Ukraine More

Putin is in more danger of losing support in Russia over Ukraine than many believe

The War in Ukraine through German Eyes

The West is therefore morally and politically obligated to the defense of Ukraine, assisting her with any and all means necessary for her protection and survival.

Heroism and Collectivism: Ukraine and Russia’s Diverging Strategies of Warfare

if the flooding of the frontlines by unprepared new recruits results in exorbitant Russian casualties, the true effect may be to make Russia’s armed forces look weaker than ever.

Considering Post-War Ukraine

Putin has failed to meet his objectives, but Ukraine has a difficult rebuilding process ahead, even with expected international support.

Trump Should Remember How the Baltic Way Helped Topple Soviet Occupation
Trump Should Remember How the Baltic Way Helped Topple Soviet Occupation

While Crimea may not be returned to Ukraine for decades, Putin’s Kremlin will not last forever. Since the future global political landscape is unpredictable, America has the responsibility as the leader of the free world to provide clear and consistent messaging on issues of freedom and the rule of law. President Trump should know that in the long run Crimean annexation non-recognition will pay off, just as 50 unwavering years of the United States’ Baltic annexation non-recognition policy eventually paid off.

The West Overestimates Aleksandr Dugin’s Influence in Russia
The West Overestimates Aleksandr Dugin’s Influence in Russia

Proponents of the “Dugin the mastermind” argument need to substantiate their claims with evidence and ask themselves how effective, if at all, is Dugin at influencing Kremlin elites and Russian foreign policy.

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