Legitimate Authority

007 and M on National Security Stewardship - James Bond
007 and M on National Security Stewardship

James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, first explored the moral decision-making of national security stewardship in his 1960 short story “For Your Eyes Only.”

Don’t Turn Vigilantes into Heroes

Regardless of what happens to Kyle Rittenhouse in the courts, treating vigilantes like heroes sets a dangerous precedent.

A Christian View on Sovereignty

This article by Gerald Monsman from 75 years ago, originally titled “Reflections on Sovereignty,” addresses whether the United States should cooperate with other countries for the global good.

The US Navy’s Role in the Defense of International Sovereignty

The National Security Strategy says China’s economic and military actions risk diminishing the sovereignty of many states in the Indo-Pacific. The US Navy has a role in defending these states’ rights.

The Uses and Abuses of War Language in a Pandemic

Talking about a pandemic like it is an armed conflict obscures the clear distinctions between military and medical ethics, leading to faulty judgments and potentially creating additional moral and material harm.

The Debt Christian Foreign Policy Owes Thomas Aquinas
The Debt Christian Foreign Policy Owes Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas’ ideas about just war still affect how Americans feel about wars, including World War II and the Persian Gulf War.

Russia Stealth Invasion of Democracy Troll Factory 2016 Election
Russia’s Stealth Invasion of Democracy

Like it or not, the land of the free and the home of the brave has found itself smack dab in the middle of another Cold War with Russia. This time, the Russians have hit our shores with something we thought we had invented: social media such as Facebook and Twitter.