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Marion Le Pen, Catholics, Protestants, Conservatives, CPAC
Marion Le Pen, Catholics, Protestants & Conservatives

French National Party politico Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 28 year old granddaughter of party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, spoke at the annual conservative jamboree CPAC. Marion Le Pen is beautiful and compelling, but wariness is in order.

Evangelicals Global Christian Zionism Israel
Evangelicals and Global Christian Zionism

Important to Israel’s improved global standing is the ongoing global growth of pro-Israel Evangelicals, numbering in the hundreds of millions, whose influence could affect foreign policy in dozens of nations in the Global South.

Protestant Rectitude & Secretary Tillerson

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Protestant rectitude informs his sense of America’s dutiful vocation in the world premised on: “Liberty, equality, and human dignity.”

Petty Micro-Nationalisms

Hopefully, the wisdom of responsible nationalism will prevail against contrived, peevish separatism in Catalonia, Scotland, and elsewhere.

Angola Angolan Falwell Bush Savimbi
Angolan Dinner with George H.W. Bush & Jerry Falwell

Angola’s elections last week signaled the departure of Africa’s second longest serving leader, reminding me of an exhilarating 1986 dinner I attended.

Pat Buchanan Blames America First

Pat Buchanan derides internationalists as dreamers disregarding his supposedly sensible neo-isolationist realism but advocates a nearly Utopian perspective.