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Trump Foreign Policy: Almost as Bad as I Feared
Paul Miller on Trump and the Fearful Decline of the International Order

We were mostly right about his hateful rhetoric, fundamental dishonesty, trade wars, admiration for foreign dictators, and wild inconsistency. But we overestimated Trump’s competence and work ethic. His ability to bring material harm to the United States has been limited by how little he works and how little he knows about the presidency.

Decisive, Disruptive, and Overdue: The Trump Foreign Policy
Decisive, Disruptive, and Overdue: The Trump Foreign Policy

The Trump foreign policy is like the administration’s domestic policy: a little irreverent, ambitious, and completely impervious to experts’ warnings.

Donald Trump’s Christian Foreign Policy
Donald Trump’s Christian Foreign Policy

Instead of debating President Trump’s character, we should ask which is more Christian: the experiment with globalism that seems now to have faltered, or the somber return to nations that seeks, modestly yet earnestly, to fortify transnational alliances where they are possible, but reject them where they are not.

Don’t Call it a Reset: What the Release of Pastor Brunson Means for U.S.-Turkey Relations

Pastor Brunson is free, but many others are not. The U.S. should not push Turkey away, but continue the hard work of diplomatic engagement around core human rights issues. It should also continue to engage broad range of challenges these partner countries are facing in the region. 

An Army of Conscience: Democracies Should Unite to Overcome UN Failures

We must deal with the world as it is and fashion solutions that protect innocents, promote justice and defend the shared values of liberal democracy. The UN has failed to do that for more than seven decades. Worse, it has hindered responsible powers from playing that legitimate and necessary role. Perhaps it’s time to try something new.

Common Core: How the US Can Respond to a Disappointing United Nations
Common Core: The United Nations Has Long Disappointed

Generally, American presidents who try to work through the United Nations and want it to live up to its noble mission often become disappointed.

Monroe Doctrine 2.0: America Needs to Revive an Old Doctrine
Monroe 2.0: America Needs to Revive an Old Doctrine

We have heard much in recent years about Washington’s “Pacific pivot” aimed at deterring Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea and the “reassurance initiative” aimed at deterring Russian revisionism in Eastern Europe. What has received far less attention is Beijing’s pivot to the Americas and Moscow’s revival of Cold War-style intervention in the Western Hemisphere.

American Christian Witness and Turkey’s Hostage

Are American evangelicals right to support US sanctions against Turkey to release American missionary Andrew Brunson?

Sacrifices for World Order Nobody is Willing to Make
Sacrifices for World Order Nobody is Willing to Make

The world still requires order, and that still requires sacrifice. Many now believe we can have world order, peace, stability, and prosperity on the cheap. We can coast merely on soft power (Democrats) or by promoting national interests (Republicans) without the hard work and heavy lifting required to actually maintain that order, whether through diplomacy or hard power.