Ottoman Empire

Lausanne and the Future of Syriac Christians in Turkey

In Defense of Christians’ Richard Ghazal speaks on Syriac Christians in Turkey

Earthquakes in Turkey: Christians of Antioch Urgently Need Help

Antioch was the first city where followers of Jesus were known as “Christians.” Now the city lies in ruins and its Christians are desperate.

Defending Heritage and Faith: Navigating the Intersection of Christianity and Nationalism in Hungary

Traditional values and religious freedom are increasingly perceived as contradictory, but they do not have to be.

Why are Turkey and Azerbaijan targeting Armenia and Greece?

The same ideology that motivated the 1913-23 Armenian genocide motivates Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s aggressions against Armenians, Greeks and other Christians.

Erdogan’s Turkey and the American Guilt Gap
Erdogan’s Turkey and the American Guilt Gap

The odd thing about Bashir and Erdogan is how little they understand the West, and particularly the United States. There is no condemnation of America, its history, and its actions that foreign regimes can make that Americans did not make first, still make, and made more convincingly.

Erdogan’s Fury over the Arab-Israel Relationship
Erdogan’s Fury over the Arab-Israel Relationship

The normalization between the Arabs and Israelis diminishes Turkey’s role as the chief mediator between Israel and the Muslim world, so Erdogan’s anguish probably comes from fear of an “Arab option.”

The Untold Story of Syrian Kurdish Christians

The story of Kurdish Christians and all other religious minorities in the Middle East is one of great suffering, but it is also a story of survival and great resilience. Fortunately, there is time to save northeast Syria as a refuge for these communities, but only if the international community offers immediate support.

Implications of the Hagia Sophia’s Conversion to a Mosque

Hagia Sophia’s conversion is the culmination of Erdoğan’s long campaign to transform Turkey into a neo-Ottoman empire.

Where Statues of Slavers and Imperialists Still Stand in the Middle East
Where Statues of Slavers and Imperialists Still Stand in the Middle East

The Middle East is not overloaded with statues of historic figures, but they do exist. Some are of imperialists and slavers.

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