Patriarch Kirill

The Real Threat to Religious Freedom in Ukraine

Accusations against Ukraine of religious persecution ignore collaboration between the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin

Dictators of Reality: When Political Ideology Sows the Seeds of Pseudoscience

When ideology is placed before truth in science, the laws of nature themselves can become its greatest victims.

With God On Their Side: When Prayer Is Mightier Than the Sword

Praying to God for victory in warfare is all very well – but what if your troops just don’t believe in it?

Tucker Carlson is Wrong: Putin Practices Religious Persecution, Not Zelensky

Tucker Carlson claims Vladimir Zelensky is persecuting Christians when in fact Putin is the persecutor

Katechon or Satan? The Russian Deception

“Holy Rus'” is an essential concept in Russian mythology, but also eschatology

Divine Judgment & Russia

May the Lord withhold His judgment and save Russia from itself.

Occidental Heroes or Foreign Devils?: The Feminist War for Mother Russia’s Soul

The anti-Christian antics of certain pro-Ukrainian activist groups can sometimes make Putin seem a saint by comparison.

Decadence vs Dictatorship?

There is a growing tendency among some on the post-liberal Christian Right to offer at least soft sympathy to dictatorships deemed socially conservative, in contrast to Western wokery.

The Religious Sources of Russian Conduct
The Religious Sources of Russian Conduct

To better grasp Russian conduct, past and present, we would do well to understand its religious sources in Orthodox Christianity.