Christian Institutionalism in Miles Smith IV’s “Religion and Republic”

Defined neither by secularism nor Christendom, America has instead been marked by Christian institutionalism, argues Miles Smith IV

Review of Tim Alberta’s “The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism”

Review of “The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory” by Tim Alberta

Moral vs. Immoral Resistance Part II: Dietrich Bonhoeffer vs. Colombia’s Terrorists

What is the difference between a terrorist and a freedom-fighter? Part 2 of Eric Patterson’s 4-part series on Just War.

Turkey: Hate Crimes Targeting Religious Minorities On the Rise

The 2021 Report of “Hate Crimes in Turkey Based on Religion, Belief or Unbelief” by the Freedom of Belief Initiative of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee documented 29 hate crimes or incidents related to religion, belief or non-belief between January and December 2021. The victims are Alevis, Christians, Jews, and atheists.

Fighting for the Right to Be Jewish: Religious Liberty and Government Establishment

A state-enforced sexual establishment parallels the kind of religious establishment dissenters have long sought to dismantle, and for sound reasons.