Reinhold Niebuhr

World Community and World Government: What Reinhold Niebuhr Said
World Community and the Folly of World Government: What Reinhold Niebuhr Said

“A Christian knows, or ought to know, that an adequate Christian political ethic is not established merely by conceiving the most ideal possible solution for a political problem. He must, in all humility, deal with the realities of human nature, as well as the ideal possibilities.”

George Washington’s Christian Realism

Christian Realism is our theme at Providence, and Christian Realism was the theme of George Washington’s life that America celebrates with today’s federal holiday.

If Thine Enemy Hunger Feed Him, by Reinhold Niebuhr
If Thine Enemy Hunger Feed Him

Quoting Romans 12:20, the message to feed and help the enemy is simple, but oftentimes the simplest command can be the hardest to fulfill. So the reminder is always timely in every age.

Still the American Century
Still the American Century

America remains the world leader. This fact is naïve to reject and realistic to accept. It is the American Century still.

Trashing Democracy

It’s been a sad day for American democracy. Our republic will survive but it has been uniquely wounded by the nation’s elected chief magistrate, as none of his predecessors across 230 years would have ever considered.

Which Question Comes First for the Church - Reinhold Niebuhr - Atomic Bombs - Soviet Alliance
Which Question Comes First for the Church?

“Which Question Comes First for the Church?” by Reinhold NiebuhrNovember 12, 1945 In both the religious and the secular world…

Christian Realists, not Political Sectarians - Partisanship Politics
Christian Realists, not Political Sectarians

Pure partisanship—or political sectarianism—consists of commitment to an uncontested view of reality and fidelity to one’s ideological compatriots over the whole of one’s polity. Christian realists should not be such partisans.

“The Atomic Issue,” by Reinhold Niebuhr
The Atomic Issue

Reinhold Niebuhr in 1945: “For only a full understanding of the practically insuperable difficulties which confront us can arm us with the humility and the courage to seek for a solution of this problem radical enough to prevent the annihilation of civilization.”

“The Christian’s Cause,” by John C. Bennett
The Christian’s Cause

John C. Bennett, who co-founded “Christianity and Crisis” with Reinhold Niebuhr, said that “Christians cannot identify the Kingdom of God, or their cause, in an absolute way with any human program.” So what should their cause be? He elaborated 75 years ago.