Romans 13

An Incomplete Guide for Christian Political Engagement: Review of Eugene Cho’s Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk

Eugene Cho’s “Thou Shalt Not Be A Jerk” has major shortcomings as an introduction to political engagement, even as it has significant contributions to make in coaxing believers to be more self-reflective about whether they are more loyal to their chosen political party than God’s Word.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Between God and Jeff Sessions: A Rightly Ordered Response

The choice is not between open borders or Birkenau. The choice which lies before us is whether or not we will make a government which reflects the divine justice for which government exists. 

The Great Good of Order: A Partial Defense of Jeff Sessions
The Great Good of Order: A Partial Defense of Jeff Sessions

Most Christians, including most evangelicals, have been falling over themselves to denounce Jeff Sessions. But the way this immigration debate is carried out too often mirrors the political debate.

Robert Jeffress and Steven Paulikas Episcopal Priest Both Err on North Korea
Jeffress and Episcopal Priest Both Err on North Korea

Does the American president possess divine sanction to use war to stop regimes bent on harming and threatening Americans?

To Bear the Sword against ISIL
To Bear the Sword

According to Sebastian Gorka, ISIL is simply another form of totalitarianism, a political regime seen under Hitler and Nazi Germany that recognizes no limit to its authority and attempts to permeate every aspect of public and private life. Yet, peace with ISIL and other jihad-driven Muslim groups seems much more difficult to attain.