South Africa

South Africa’s Benedict Option

An Afrikaner community’s bid to preserve its identity

Iran and BRICS: Can the Outlier be Tamed?

BRICS is adding many new members, including Iran; what will that mean for the Islamic Regime?

A Christian Exhortation to American Citizens

Richard Mouw is an American, and he loves his country the most, according to his newly released How to be a Patriotic Christian: Love of Country as Love of Neighbor.

Canada Should Fight for Justice for Victims of Flight PS752
Canada Should Fight for Justice for Victims of Flight PS752

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down Flight PS752 only a little more than two years ago, killing all the passengers and staff. There were 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents of Canada on the flight.

Archbishop Tutu and an Often-Forgotten Hero - Beyers Naudé
Archbishop Tutu and an Often-Forgotten Hero

As we remember Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we should, amongst many others, also remember the great Reverend Beyers Naudé.

How Christians Should Engage with Politics: A Conversation with John Barrett
How Christians Should Engage with Politics: A Conversation with John Barrett

In this interview, John Barrett answers several questions based on his book, “Evangelism and Politics: A Christian Perspective on the Church and the State.”

Abraham Kuyper Among the Nations
Abraham Kuyper among the Nations

We have an introductory, if provisional, picture of anti-Revolutionary foreign policy and Abraham Kuyper’s platform coming into the highest political office in the Netherlands in the early twentieth century. How did this platform fair? What “necessary adjustments” (as Kuyper called them) did he need to make between his Calvinistic international theory and the actual work of foreign policy?

Abraham Kuyper Overseas Manifesto
Abraham Kuyper’s Overseas Manifesto

While much has been made of Abraham Kuyper’s Calvinistic contributions to domestic political theory, very little (in English) has been said of his foreign policy.

The Role of Morality in International Politics

What is the role of moral values in the conduct of foreign relations? Although many answers have been given, three major traditions predominate: realism, idealism, and principled realism.

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