Is a Transatlantic Breakup Coming? Five Geopolitical Trends to Watch in Europe in 2020
Is a Transatlantic Breakup Coming? Five Geopolitical Trends to Watch in 2020

An outright transatlantic breakup isn’t imminent today, but some European countries may eventually try to balance the US and China geopolitically.

New Afterword in Haas’ A World in Disarray Criticizes Trump’s Foreign Policy
A New Word on a New Edition: Haass’ A World in Disarray Criticizes Trump’s First Year

In a new paperback edition of “A World in Disarray,” Richard Haass says Trump’s foreign policy has added to global disorder.

Only a Matter of Time: Trump on Trade and the Temptation to Disrupt

This is an axiom, as true for foreign policy as it is for our faith. We may not be bound by history, but we are damned if we ignore it. The root of conservatism is the tendency to see value in traditions not as ends unto themselves but as visible reminders of the sacrifices of those who have gone before.

Tariffs, Trade, and Trump
Tariffs, Trade, and Trump

For every job the Trump administration is trying to protect, over 40 jobs exist in industries that rely on aluminum or steel as a primary input.

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