Reinhold Niebuhr’s Vision of the Future

Reinhold Niebuhr’s never-before-published article from 1953 on the future he hoped to live in

A Shield and Sword for the Disinformation Age

We must arm ourselves for the challenges posed by deepfakes

Beware the Technological Idiot

The “secret sauce of shared prosperity in the decades following World War II” was “a direction of technology that created new tasks and jobs for workers of all skill levels.”

ALEXANDER DUGIN: Critique, Confrontation, and Chrysalis

Alexander Dugin is a serious scholar, a genuine intellectual, and a provocative social scientist who may be not unworthily pronounced the most formidable theoretical opponent of Western liberalism since Lenin.

Jon Askonas Christianity & National Security Conference 2022

Jon Askonas’s lecture at the Christianity & National Security Conference 2022. Jon Askonas discusses emerging technologies, deterrence strategies, and Christian…

Americans Have Strength, Need Hope

Despite the gloomy outlook, there are several reasons for hope this Advent season. This is not nearly the darkest period in American or global history, and there are good reasons to believe that the US still possesses all the tools needed to revitalize the country and stabilize the international system. The question is whether we will use them effectively.

Virtual Reality and Christian Politics
Virtual Reality and Christian Politics

I want to illuminate this conspiratorial approach, which I term “Christian Virtual Reality Politics,” by contrasting it with a more familiar approach, which I call “Christian Religious Politics.”

A Guide to the US-China Contest in 2020
A Guide to the US-China Contest in 2020

The real 2020 questions about the US-China contest lie in how they influence the context for global trade, technology standards, military tools, and power projection.

You Can Map Our Faces, but You Can’t Steal Our Souls - Artificial Intelligence - Facial Recognition - Surveillance
You Can Map Our Faces, but You Can’t Steal Our Souls

Left unchecked and unchallenged, China will continue to abuse emerging technologies such as AI and facial recognition to oppress people created in the image of God.