Day 8: One for All - Yule Blog - Nations - Christmas
Day 8: One for All

The Christmas story suggests that we can somehow try to be loyal members of our nations, our families, our tribes—and to reach out to the broader human community of which we are also a part.

Day 7: Meaning in 3-D - Christmas - Trinity - Yule Blog
Day 7: Meaning in 3-D

It is a terrible scandal, but there is no way to separate the Trinity from Christmas.

Day 6: Personal Meaning - Yule Blog
Day 6: Personal Meaning

For believers, the question isn’t why there are presents under the tree. It is whether the love around the family circle speaks of a larger reality and in some way reflects the meaning inherent in the universe as a whole, or whether that happy Christmas morning feeling is nothing more than the biologically conditioned response of a collection of primates in a kinship setting.

The Fourteen Posts of Christmas: 2021–22 Edition - Yule Blog
The Fourteen Posts of Christmas: 2021–22 Edition

My generation and the generation before us inherited an enormous wealth of spiritual capital from a society shaped by hundreds of years of deep religious faith and engagement. Our environment was shaped by that wealth in ways that many of us did not understand; we took it for granted.

Look to Ebenezer: Historical Hope as Advent Turns into Christmas
Look to Ebenezer: Historical Hope as Advent Ends and Christmas Begins

This remembrance helps develop a confident, enduring Christian hope that is more than wishful thinking and leads to real-world action.

Charles De Koninck vs. Jacques Maritain: Theologians and Their Choices
Charles De Koninck vs. Jacques Maritain: Philosophers and Their Choices

Either Catholics consider the genius and limits of both Charles De Koninck and Jacques Maritain, or they disregard them both. The latter is unacceptable, given that surrendering the genius is too high a cost.

God with Us
God with Us

This is the message of Christmas hope: Jesus Christ is Immanuel, and he wants to be God with you.

Jesus the Servant
Jesus the Servant

If God’s example was deep concern for the lost and needy, then at all times, but especially during the celebration of Jesus’ birth, we should be so concerned as well.

The Consolation of Israel
The Consolation of Israel

This is a message of Christmas hope—that the consolation of history is found in the Spirit of God, available to all who trust in the name of Jesus Christ as Lord.