Thomas Jefferson

Common Rest for the Common Good

Blue laws were supported by framers of the Constitution and still have relevance today

Rediscovering America’s Purpose

America was once the world’s arsenal of democracy, can it be again?

Thomas Paine’s Enduring Wisdom

Thomas Paine was an inspiration to the founders and still has lessons for today

July 4, Royalism & Human Nature

Tyrants and despotisms always beckon. But the “blessings and security of self-government” offer greater happiness.

Religious Freedom Day 2023 – Jefferson’s Virginia Statutes for Religious Freedom

Jefferson’s vision of freedom of religion continues to challenge Americans to strive for freedom at home and champion for others abroad

America & Hungary’s Orban

America is not and will never be like Hungary, or Sweden, or any other country. We have our own history, traditions, unique experiences and national creeds.

A President’s Prayer on the World War II Memorial
A President’s Prayer on the World War II Memorial

The Friends of the National World War II Memorial recently announced the charity had received a $2-million grant that will allow the inclusion of President Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer on the memorial site.

Flawed Historical Narratives about American Figures Color Our Pursuit of Justice

Renewed debates over history reveal the narratives that conservatives and progressives employ to justify or decry American history. One narrative insists on lionizing historical figures, the other on demonizing them—yet both distract from the ongoing pursuit of the American ideals of justice, liberty, and equality.

The Roots of US Foreign Policy Today: The Historical Origins of Present Debates
The Roots of US Foreign Policy Today: The Historical Origins of Present Debates

The fact that Americans have shifted their focus back to domestic concerns isn’t abnormal or un-American. It is the predictable resurgence of the two domestically focused schools of the American foreign policy tradition.

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