From the Peloponnesian War to Putin 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine echoes Athens’ invasion of Melos in the Peloponnesian War

America’s Eagle Bears Two Talons: John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy understood the need to counter America’s enemies without precipitating WWIII.

The Disappointments of Imperfect Justice - George Floyd - Derek Chauvin
The Disappointments of Imperfect Justice

Imperfect justice is the best we can hope for in this life because we are not promised more than this. Until the reign of righteousness is brought about, we must be satisfied with this all-too-imperfect justice, looking forward to the day when all justice will be brought to judgment.

National Discord or Solidarity? Lessons from Past Pandemics

Pandemics have historically been catalysts for political, economic, and social change. From Thucydides, Prokopios, and Ibn Khaldun, historians of the past who lived through the great pandemics of their day charted the ghastly toll of these invisible killers.