Cambridge Academics Rightfully Reject Respect
Cambridge Academics Rightfully Reject “Respect”

It is not often that an intra-university dispute on whether to ask for toleration rather than respect gets international press coverage. But such has been the fate of recent events at England’s venerable University of Cambridge.

That Smile: A Review of Timothy Keller John Inazu’s Uncommon Ground
That Smile: A Review of Timothy Keller and John Inazu’s Uncommon Ground

It is understandable that for many evangelicals their smile has given way to a frown in an increasingly aggressive and hostile secular culture. It is this reality that Timothy Keller and John Inazu engage in Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a World of Difference.

fighting terrorism theresa may
The Key to Fighting Terrorism: Come Together and Take Apart

Prime Minister Theresa May insists, “United we will take on and defeat our enemies.”