Europe Populism Nationalism Threat
Does Europe Face a Populism, Nationalism Threat?

There are at least two powerful nationalisms in Europe that are chauvinistic, appropriate religious institutions and identities, and are led by powerful leaders.

To Whom Much Is Given: Making a Case for Foreign Aid
To Whom Much Is Given: Making a Case for Foreign Aid

Recent passage of the BUILD Act, which aims to “facilitate market-based private sector development and inclusive economic growth in less developed countries,” presents an ideal opportunity to discuss the thorny issue of foreign aid.

The Embattled Ecumenical Patriarch Caught Between Russia and Turkey

What on the surface seems simply an esoteric argument over ecclesiastical jurisdiction is anything but. At the heart of the schism lie the ideological underpinnings for Putin’s new nationalism, and its violent manifestations in eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Don’t Call it a Reset: What the Release of Pastor Brunson Means for U.S.-Turkey Relations

Pastor Brunson is free, but many others are not. The U.S. should not push Turkey away, but continue the hard work of diplomatic engagement around core human rights issues. It should also continue to engage broad range of challenges these partner countries are facing in the region. 

Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance Should Prompt U.S. to Challenge MBS on Human Rights

The Jamal Khashoggi affair presents the perfect opportunity for the United States to press Saudi Arabia for more progress on its horrendous human rights record. 

The Coming Humanitarian Disaster in Idlib Syria
The Coming Humanitarian Disaster in Syria

Some in the US government have suggested that we should make a grand bargain with Russia over Syria that would let Assad stay as Moscow curbed Iran’s power in the country. But such a deal would lead to the mass exile or massacre of civilians stuck in the international community’s failed de-escalation zone of Idlib and cement Iran’s control over Syria.

American Christian Witness and Turkey’s Hostage

Are American evangelicals right to support US sanctions against Turkey to release American missionary Andrew Brunson?

The State Department’s Ministerial on Religious Freedom: Reflections and the Path Ahead

The State Department’s Ministerial on Religious Freedom marks a significant shift in US foreign policy thinking.

America May Need to Support an Independent Kurdistan Soon
America May Need to Support an Independent Kurdistan Soon

We shouldn’t redraw existing borders carelessly. But when trying to hold a state together becomes more disruptive to international order than allowing it to break apart, when one group mistreats another within a state, when a government loses the ability and authority to govern, the sensible course is to let that state dissolve.