Veterans Day

What Memorial Day Should Remind Americans
What Memorial Day Should Remind Americans

Memorial Day should remind us of a debt that we, as citizens, owe to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and it is a call to action to appropriately honor those who have served in the armed forces.

An American Army Chaplain leads worship from a Renault tank during the Meuse Argonne Campaign in October 1918
Fear Not the Darkness: WWI and the Centennial of America’s Greatest Battle

The First World War was a clash that forever changed the world. The heroes of 1918 answered the call 100 years ago. Will we likewise do our part in fighting the good fight and fear not the darkness? 

World War 1 remembrance day
Remembrance & the War That Ended Nothing

A century ago, the Great War ended. Remembrance Day is an opportunity to recall those who fought, the fallen, and the costs and sometimes necessity of war.