Victor Orban

New Christian-Muslim Political Alliances?
New Christian-Muslim Political Alliances?

Christian and Muslim politicians and leaders reaching out to each other is one of the more hopeful signs in our increasingly divided world.

Five Things I Learned about Hungary’s Commitment to the Most Persecuted Religion Worldwide at the International Conference on Christian Persecution
Five Things I Learned about Hungary’s Commitment to Fighting Christian Persecution Worldwide

In 26 years of advocacy for the global persecuted church, this is a new one for me. The government of…

Orbán, Imperfect Protector of “Christian Europe”

Hungary’s leadership in bringing the plight of persecuted Christians to the attention of an apathetic West should be applauded. Yet these good works should not obfuscate the problematic developments within Hungary.

The EU and the Misguided Reaction to Nationalist Movements

Nationalism is on the rise worldwide with nationalist-oriented leaders taking the helm in some of the largest countries.  Some call them “authoritarians,” others “populists.”