War of 1812

Trashing Democracy

It’s been a sad day for American democracy. Our republic will survive but it has been uniquely wounded by the nation’s elected chief magistrate, as none of his predecessors across 230 years would have ever considered.

Rich Lowry Calls for a Unifying, Liberal Nationalism - Book Review of The Case for Nationalism
Rich Lowry Calls for a Unifying, Liberal Nationalism

Nationalism should form the bonds of social contract in any great power, and should not just be an idea that is despised by the far-left and usurped by the far-right.

Cattle, Pigs & Skunks (O My!): A Brief Reflection on the Religious Foreign Policy Persuasion

Christian theo-political witness has always contended that political responsibility cannot be had by seeking either greatness or goodness absent the other.

Understanding the War of 1812 Book Review
Understanding the War of 1812

As public attention shifts to the anniversaries of the two World Wars, the War of 1812 is becoming forgotten again, and now seems an ideal time to survey the landscape of new books written in the (roughly) decade surrounding its sesquicentennial.