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UN Releases Uighur Human Rights Report Despite Chinese Intimidation

The Uighurs would be in a very different situation if we could get Middle Eastern governments to restrict the flow of oil to China or if South Asian governments would say no to China’s tempting low-interest infrastructure projects.

America’s Moral Failure to Vaccinate Poor Countries Earlier? COVAX COVID-19
America’s Moral Failure to Vaccinate Poorer Countries Earlier?

Some idealists may blame the selfishness of wealthy governments and their citizens for COVAX’s failure, but the organizers should have considered mankind’s selfish nature when designing the program.

Xi’s Regime Recasts Itself as the Good Samaritan
Xi’s Regime Recasts China as the Good Samaritan during Pandemic

Beijing’s public relations push is deflecting attention from its criminal malfeasance in response to COVID-19, airbrushing history and recasting the People’s Republic of China as a global Good Samaritan