Two Jesuits and Israel: Robert Drinan and Daniel Berrigan

Daniel Berrigan, SJ, and Robert Drinan, SJ, were two of the most prominent American Jesuits ever, but on Israel they vociferously disagreed

Hamas and History

A striking feature of the news media coverage of the current Gaza war has been its failure to relate this present conflict to its historical context

Golda Meir: Israel’s Matriarch

Who was Golda Meir, Israel’s first and only female leader?

The Coming Cyrus Accords?

Iranian–Israeli peace will be the contemporary Middle East’s most monumental development, and it is in sight.

Good News in Jewish-Christian Relations
Good News in Jewish-Christian Relations

Are Christian Zionists destroying Jewish-Christian relations? Are they imposing their own political agendas on delicate political negotiations between Jews and Palestinians in Israel and undermining them in the process? Are they causing a new nadir in Jewish relations with Christians?

On This Nakba Day, Palestinians Need New Leadership
On This Nakba Day, Palestinians Need New Leadership

Today, Nakba Day, marks 72 years since the 1948 war between the fledgling Jewish state and its Arab neighbors. But the most pressing issue for Palestinians today is not the existence of Israel. It is the absence of Palestinian leadership.

New York Times Ignores Silwan’s Jewish Origins

To the New York Times, Silwan is just another Palestinian village that the Zionist Settler Colonial Enterprise is undermining, literally. But the village has Jewish origins, and archeological discoveries there are important to both Jews and Christians.

The Improving Relations between Brazil and Israel and Its Impact on US Foreign Policy
The Improving Relations between Brazil and Israel and Its Impact on US Foreign Policy

On March 31, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro initiated a four-day official visit to Israel. The trip consolidates the improvement of relations between the two countries.

Providence Perspectives on Pompeo, Evangelicals, and Their Love of Israel

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent comments regarding Donald Trump, his election, and his administration’s stance toward Israel have spawned a range of reactions. To this recent episode, we sought two contrasting perspectives to clarify Pompeo’s comments and illuminate the implications of the variety of evangelical positions on Israel and the Jewish people.