Matt Gobush

Matt Gobush is a contributing editor to Providence and previously served on the staff of the National Security Council during the Clinton administration, the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, and the US Senate. He currently serves on the Standing Commission for World Mission of the Episcopal Church. Matt works in the private sector and lives in Virginia with his wife and six internationally adopted children.

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Russian Speakers In Latvia (Extended)

This first episode of our subscriber-only podcast is an extended conversation with Matt Gobush, who spoke with us last year about his trip to and research on Latvia, and specifically Russian speakers there. In our normal podcast, the Foreign Policy ProvCast, we released part of this conversation, but in this version we’re giving you a deeper dive.

ProvCast Ep. 10: Russian-Speaking Latvians and NATO
ProvCast Ep. 10: Russian-Speaking Latvians and NATO

Matt Gobush talks about Latvia, Russia, and NATO while focusing on Russian-speaking residents in Latvia and explaining why Americans should be concerned about this issue.

ProvCast Episode 7: Obama’s Foreign Policy & Moral Multilateralism
ProvCast Ep. 8: The Obama Doctrine & Moral Multilateralism

In this episode we speak with Matt Gobush about the Obama doctrine, his foreign policy, and a concept Gobush calls “Moral Multilateralism”.