Writer’s Guidelines

 Providence is happy to accept unsolicited manuscripts. Writers should familiarize themselves with the magazine and website, noting our commitment to rigorous analysis delivered in widely accessible prose aimed at a thoughtful though not necessarily specialist readership, as well as our willingness to be edgy, witty, and to pick a fight and be polemical – all while motivated and seasoned by charity.

Providence publishes widely on matters intersecting Christian faith and theology with national security and foreign policy, international relations, political theory, defense, war, terrorism, global economy, energy, etc. Operating generally from within a Christian realist perspective, we have a strong focus on presenting the classic just war tradition as an alternative to pacifist idealism; on presenting moral claims as real claims as an alternative to cynical realism and therefore on expanding the definition of national interest to include more than security and economic, cultural, or political well-being; on presenting responsibility as an alternative to isolationism even as we also provision prudential limits to intervention; on standing against knee-jerk, indiscriminate anti-Israelism. That said, Christian realism is a wide tradition and we are open to publish views from across the political spectrum so long as they help address or advance our focal concerns.

Writers should presume an intelligent but non-specialist readership. Our mission is aided by familiarizing our readers with the cultural distinctions of the political, diplomatic, policy, and military worlds and we therefore welcome the use of jargon, area-specific nomenclature, and acronyms; but anything esoteric must be accompanied by definitions.

Style basics:

We prefer narrative citations worked into the body of the text (e.g., “In her book Just War Against Terror, Jean Bethke Elshtain argues…” or, if more detail is deemed important, “In the chapter “The Pulpit Responds to Terror” in her book Just War Against Terror, Jean Bethke Elshtain argues…”). That said, readability, flow, and accurate attribution are crucial. We want our readers to sense that arguments emerge from a body of traditional thought on these matters and our mission is aided by guiding readers to appropriate sources and thinkers. We are willing to defer to the writer’s judgment as to whether to use parenthetical page numbers or location indicators following quotations or when to resort to endnotes (never footnotes) to add supplemental commentary or to avoid clogging up the prose with a large number of citations. Please submit manuscripts in Microsoft Word, single space after periods, justified, block quotations.

For essays or blogs submitted for the website, please embed links where necessary.

Approximate word limits:

Website: We prefer to publish 500-1000 words but are willing to publish longer pieces so long as they are highly readable.

Print journal: Book Reviews: 800-1200; Essays: 1,500-3,000; Lead features: 3,250-4,000


Website pays $100 per post

For print journal we pay $250 for book reviews and $500-$1,000 for essays and features

Send submissions or queries to:

Marc LiVecche – mlivecche@theird.org