Nationalism and Patriotism

A Better Christian Nationalism
A Better Christian Nationalism

The term Christian Nationalism has become something of an epithet amongst enlightened evangelicals and Christians of various stripes, especially in light of the travesty at the Capitol.

Two Tasks after the Insurrection at the US Capitol
Two Tasks after the Insurrection at the US Capitol

The insurrection on Epiphany reveals essential tasks—for America to prevent another attack and for the church to respond properly to the misuse of its symbols.

Day 8: One for All Yule Blog Nationalism Patriotism Israel
Day 8: One for All

The Christmas story doesn’t tell us how to reconcile the virtues and the vices of universal cosmopolitanism and local loyalty. But it suggests that we can somehow try to be true to both ideals: to be loyal members of our nations, our families, our tribes—and at the same time to reach out to the broader human community of which we are also a part.

Marksism, No. 29: Partisanship, Nationalism, and Christmas
Marksism – No. 29: Partisanship, Nationalism, and Christmas

In this episode, Mark Tooley and Marc LiVecche speak about recent content on Providence, including Tooley’s article about Christian nationalism, Debra Erickson’s piece on Christian realism and partisanship, and a 75-year-old op-ed about Christmas.

Deriding “Christian Nationalism”

Most critiques of Christian nationalism seem sweepingly to deride all reference to God relating to country.

Ep. 59: Preview of the Yule Blog (Advent Special)

In this Advent Special of the Foreign Policy ProvCast, Mark Melton speaks with Walter Russell Mead about his annual Yule Blog series, which begins on Christmas Eve and runs through Epiphany on January 6.

The City on a Hill: Toward a National Conservative Foreign Policy

A national conservative foreign policy welcomes institutions for international cooperation, so long as they remain voluntary pacts between the participating nations, and do not morph into efforts at establishing supranational governance.

Flawed Historical Narratives about American Figures Color Our Pursuit of Justice

Renewed debates over history reveal the narratives that conservatives and progressives employ to justify or decry American history. One narrative insists on lionizing historical figures, the other on demonizing them—yet both distract from the ongoing pursuit of the American ideals of justice, liberty, and equality.

Foreign Policy ProvCast Episode #54 | Don’t Confuse Liberalism And Progressivism (Paul D. Miller)
Ep. 54 | Don’t Confuse Liberalism and Progressivism

A couple of months ago, Providence contributor Paul D. Miller complained on Twitter about people confusing liberalism and progressivism. In…

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