Niebuhr’s Report from Switzerland, 1947
Niebuhr’s Report from Switzerland, 1947

At the end of Reinhold Niebuhr’s travels across Western Europe in 1947, he spent a week at the Ecumenical Institute, a facility near Geneva. He was hopeful of how this project would bless the church life of the world, and he offered observations about discussions there about communism, church-state relations, Christian political parties, and more.

The Queen’s Speech
The Queen’s Speech

With those words—“Her Majesty’s Government will…”—the speech from the throne was not read by the monarch. For the first time since the beginning of the present reign, this important address to Parliament was read for her by her 74-year-old son, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Free Speech Healthy Politics House Un-American Activities Committee
Free Speech and Healthy Politics

Now what is here symbolized has been the most fundamental idea in our American democracy. Ours is a government by discussion.

Cold War Strategy for Today: A Review of Hal Brand’s The Twilight Struggle
Cold War Strategy for Today: A Review of Hal Brands’s The Twilight Struggle

Brands offers seven key lessons for his readers about what he terms a “twilight struggle,” a period of high-stakes competition between great powers that occurs between the darkness of war and daylight of peace.

Marksism – No. 84: Just War Tears, Ukraine Martyr, China Irony

In this episode the editors discuss Rebeccah Heinrichs’ article about John Kirby’s emotional statement about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Mark Tooley’s editorial about Poland and Ukraine as martyr nations, and Christian realist articles from 1947 debating whether the Chinese communists could exist and thrive in a democracy.

The Failure of China’s Peace Settlement
While China’s Peace Settlement Failed and the Communists Rose: A 1947 Assessment

George Marshall’s attempt to create peace between the Chinese nationalists and communists failed. Christian realists in 1947 considered why.

Historical Benefits of International Neutrality
Historical Benefits of International Neutrality

Over the centuries, the neutrality of some countries has provided many benefits, including for international law and global diplomacy.

Marksism – No. 83: Hazony’s New Book, Ukraine Support, Cold War Christian Realism
Marksism – No. 83: Hazony’s New Book, Ukraine Support, Cold War Christian Realism

This week the editors discussed a Providence event where Yoram Hazony talked about his forthcoming new book “Conservatism: A Rediscovery,” how Christian realists disagreed over US foreign policy as the Cold War began, Mark Tooley’s article about democracy and decadence, and J. Daryl Charles’ article about deterring nuclear blackmail.

Christian Disagreement at the Dawn of the Cold War - Truman Doctrine - Communism
Christian Disagreement at the Dawn of the Cold War

“Unless we accept the Russian view of the nature of man, we cannot work with the USSR to a common end for human society.”

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