Palm Sunday Jesus triumphal entry
A Tale of Two Cities: What the Cross of Christ Did (And Didn’t Do)

The Holy Week Reader: Palm Sunday witnessed the rise of two cities in the world of humanity. Christians are citizens of both. Attendant responsibilities follow.

“Peacemaking” and Public Policy: A Recipe for Disaster | Review of Hosler’s Hauerwas the Peacemaker?
“Peacemaking” and Public Policy: A Recipe for Disaster | Review of Hosler’s Hauerwas the Peacemaker?

In this volume, Nathan Scot Hosler looks to Stanley Hauerwas, one of the most outspoken pacifist theologians of our time, as inspiration for contemporary “peacemaking” and “peacebuilding” efforts.

Christian Realism & Nationalism

Mark Tooley shares an engaging conversation with Rebeccah Heinrichs, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. Heinrichs covers a wide…

The Lamb and the Lion: Review of Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God

Gregory Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God attempts to argue that the Old Testament accounts of God’s “violence” are not true portraits of the character of God. In another era, this 1,445-page project would have been called heresy.

Where Are the Pacifist Proposals for Government and Security?
Where Are the Pacifist Proposals for Government and Security?

What happens when the next Rwandan genocide is brewing on the horizon? I don’t see any real policy proposals from Christian pacifists about how they would respond.

“Christian Politics” Don’t Exist
“Christian Politics” Don’t Exist

Much of the “radical” Christian movement of the past couple decades is rooted in the idea that there is a distinct Christian politics, as opposed to just plain old politics.

What Does Christianity Have to Say About Injustice?

“God ordained the state to uphold order and protect the innocent.” In part three of our series, editors Mark Tooley…

Six WWI Lessons for US Christians

World War I profoundly affected American churches and Christian thought. Recalling that impact offers counsel for the future.

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