The Mad Pacifism of Doctor Who

The BBC should bring back the skepticism of pacifism that Doctor Who used to have.

Marksism – No. 82: World War III, Just War vs. Pacifism, Easter

This week the editors discuss Debra Erickson’s article about why the Russia-Ukraine War is not World War III, an exchange about pacifism and the just war tradition, and a 75-year-old article about Easter and the resurrection.

A Just War Response to a Pacifism and the Russia-Ukraine War
Just War Response to Pacifism’s Say on Russia-Ukraine War

I appreciate Michael McKoy’s recent “What Does Pacifism Have to Say About Ukraine?” But I remain unimpressed by the pacifist view.

What Does Pacifism Have to Say about Ukraine?
What Does Pacifism Have to Say about Ukraine?

Pacifism argues that the only means of breaking the cycles of violence is to recognize the short-term and long-term devastation of war, examine the decisions and dynamics that perpetuate these cycles, and make the tough decisions necessary to reject violence and ensure peace.

Baptist Political Theology on War and Peace - Just War Tradition- Paul Miller
Baptist Political Theology on War and Peace

At the Christianity and National Security Conference, Paul D. Miller reviewed the history of how Baptists have thought about war, peace, and the just war tradition.

First Mennonite Church in Berne, Indiana, in May 2007. By OZinOH, via Flickr.
A New Mennonite Vision: A Review of Melissa Florer-Bixler’s How to Have an Enemy

Melissa Florer-Bixler is angry, and she wants her fellow Mennonites to get angry, too. At least, that is the professed premise of her book, “How to Have an Enemy: Righteous Anger and the Work of Peace.”

Pope Francis integral disarmament
Integral Disarmament: Or, How to Abandon Tradition, Reason, and Your Flock

Advocates of Integral Disarmament believe the weapons of war are inherently evil. Their consequent prescriptions leave the innocent defenseless

Palm Sunday Jesus triumphal entry
A Tale of Two Cities: What the Cross of Christ Did (And Didn’t Do)

The Holy Week Reader: Palm Sunday witnessed the rise of two cities in the world of humanity. Christians are citizens of both. Attendant responsibilities follow.

“Peacemaking” and Public Policy: A Recipe for Disaster | Review of Hosler’s Hauerwas the Peacemaker?
“Peacemaking” and Public Policy: A Recipe for Disaster | Review of Hosler’s Hauerwas the Peacemaker?

In this volume, Nathan Scot Hosler looks to Stanley Hauerwas, one of the most outspoken pacifist theologians of our time, as inspiration for contemporary “peacemaking” and “peacebuilding” efforts.

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