North Korea Should Face Consequences for Expanding Political Prison Camps
North Korea Should Face Consequences for Expanding Political Prison Camps

For years the international community has decried gross violations of human rights inside the prison camps. The recent expansion of the prison camp system, however, increases the need for the US government to take substantive actions to address human rights issues in North Korea.

Ep. 51: Confrontations with China — on Huawei, COVID-19, and More

Michael Sobolik, a fellow in Indo-Pacific Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, DC, speaks with Mark Melton…

Should Christians Support Dismantling Sanctions on Venezuela as Part of Humanitarian Assistance?
Dismantle Venezuela Sanctions as Part of Humanitarian Assistance?

Some observers call for a relaxation of US sanctions on Venezuela during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eric Farnsworth offers a different recommendation.

Appeasement’s Eternal Lessons

Tim Bouverie’s history of British pre-WWII appeasement—Chamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to War—compellingly recounts how the democracies, chiefly Britain, deferred confrontation with Hitler for much of a decade, only barely recovering in time to avert complete calamity.

Democracy Won’t Save the Middle East’s Religious Minorities
Democracy Won’t Save the Middle East’s Religious Minorities

In the fate of Egypt and its Christians, we should read one crucial fact: neither democratic nor authoritarian governance delivered anything resembling equal citizenship.

America’s Dream for China

The 70th anniversary of China’s Communist revolution, celebrated vigorously this week by its despotic heirs, recalls one of history’s greatest…

Hong Kong, America & Liberty

For many in America, including Christians, America is seen as a repressive force in history and in the world. So…

What You Should Know about the 2019 Hong Kong Protests
What You Should Know about the 2019 Hong Kong Protests

Daily protests in Hong Kong have been going on for more than two months, leading a top Chinese official to declare that the city is experiencing its worst crisis since the former British colony returned to China in 1997.

Stauffenberg and Tresckow: Consciences in Revolt
Valkyrie Revisited​: Stauffenberg and Tresckow, Consciences in Revolt

Last month marked the seventy-fifth anniversary of the failed bombing intended to assassinate the German Führer Adolf Hitler at his Wolf’s Lair field headquarters in what is now Gierłoż, Poland. The anniversary offers the opportunity to reflect not only on the nature of courage in dark times, but on the character and limits of Christian resistance to political evil.

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