Civil Religion

The Fault in Our Stars: Tyson, Trump, and the Search for Human Worth

America’s collective consciousness has been assaulted of late by the rapid-fire reports of mass shootings across the country. What was…

Memorial Day’s Idea of America

Julian Jackson’s new biography of Charles De Gaulle, both wonderful and definitive, contrasts his subject’s vision of nation with that…

Is America ready for an Atheist President?

In a recent Washington Post column Max Boot hoped America one day would have an “unapologetic atheist” president. After all,…

Martin Luther King, America & the World
Martin Luther King Jr. as Icon of US Democracy

There is typically too little reference to the civil rights martyr’s Cold War role. He delivered two important Cold War…

Trump’s UN Realism and Christian Benevolence

Many Christian elites will not like Donald Trump’s United Nations speech this week, whose key phrase was “we reject the ideology of globalism and accept the doctrine of patriotism.”

Reagan’s Faith and Transcendent America in the World

Washington Post journalist Karen Tumulty wonderfully discovered a previously unpublished Ronald Reagan letter commending the Christian faith to his agnostic, apprehensive, and dying father-in-law.

The Delightful Heresy of Jacksonianism
The Delightful Heresy of Jacksonianism

Christians should remember this: any political theology that treats its own people as a divinely chosen political community treads on heretical soil.

The Christian Church in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century
The Christian Church in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century

Francis P. Miller claims the church cannot stand by and optimistically assume that the state will pursue justice without the assistance of a religious ethic.

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