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A Problem of Evangelical Christianity: What Reinhold Niebuhr Wrote
A Problem of Evangelical Christianity: What Reinhold Niebuhr Said

In 1946, Reinhold Niebuhr visited an evangelical church for an Easter worship service in a movie theater. He did not entirely enjoy the experience. Here are his reflections.

Our Present Anxieties
Our Present Anxieties

Browsing among the books, articles, and editorials of the past is instructive and exceedingly disturbing. One discovers the same concerns and anxieties as is everywhere apparent among thoughtful people now. Many paragraphs or sentences are as applicable today as they were then.

Religion in World Politics

If we are to take a constructive part in world politics our leaders cannot assume that religious questions are unimportant.

Global Generosity and “Being Played for Suckers”
Global Generosity and “Being Played for Suckers”

In this article originally published by Christianity and Crisis on March 18, 1946, Charles W. Gilkey warns Americans not to worry that helping people abroad will make them “suckers.”

World Community and World Government: What Reinhold Niebuhr Said
World Community and the Folly of World Government: What Reinhold Niebuhr Said

“A Christian knows, or ought to know, that an adequate Christian political ethic is not established merely by conceiving the most ideal possible solution for a political problem. He must, in all humility, deal with the realities of human nature, as well as the ideal possibilities.”

“The United Nations—Its Challenge to America,” by John Foster Dulles
The United Nations — Its Challenge to America

Published in Christianity and Crisis 75 years ago on March 18, 1946, the speech offers the future Secretary of State Dulles’ insights and recommendations for how the United States should utilize the newly established United Nations. Readers today can learn from how the great statesman saw the world as it dragged itself out of the ruins of a total war.

Role of Church Leaders in Global Affairs - “Let the Leaders Take the Lead,” by John A. Mackay
Role of Church Leaders in Global Affairs

It is not our task, fellow churchmen, to offer programs for the ordering of human life today. It is our function to present to those concerned with the secular order those theological presuppositions which are the indispensable basis of national and international health.

Repentance Must Be Individual
Repentance Must Be Individual

Repentance, like faith, must be individual.

If Thine Enemy Hunger Feed Him, by Reinhold Niebuhr
If Thine Enemy Hunger Feed Him

Quoting Romans 12:20, the message to feed and help the enemy is simple, but oftentimes the simplest command can be the hardest to fulfill. So the reminder is always timely in every age.

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