Ep. 43: Is Civility Dead in America? A Conversation with Paul Miller

Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with Prof. Paul Miller to discuss the lack of civility in American politics, the…

Hong Kong Protests
Hong Kong: Where the Contradictions Lead…

China needs to solve the Hong Kong problem, and time is running out before the October 1 National Day celebration,…

Trump Should Remember How the Baltic Way Helped Topple Soviet Occupation
Trump Should Remember How the Baltic Way Helped Topple Soviet Occupation

While Crimea may not be returned to Ukraine for decades, Putin’s Kremlin will not last forever. Since the future global political landscape is unpredictable, America has the responsibility as the leader of the free world to provide clear and consistent messaging on issues of freedom and the rule of law. President Trump should know that in the long run Crimean annexation non-recognition will pay off, just as 50 unwavering years of the United States’ Baltic annexation non-recognition policy eventually paid off.

Hong Kong, America & Liberty

For many in America, including Christians, America is seen as a repressive force in history and in the world. So…

A New Year’s Resolution, An Ancient Evil: Combatting Antisemitism in 2019

ANTISEMITISM IS NOT just a Jewish, Christian, or American problem. It’s a global problem, and Christians must stand up to confront it. But the best way to confront antisemitism is not by fighting it as some would urge us to do. “Anti-antisemitism” is redundant and nonsensical. Forcing anyone to like the Jews will never work. 

Could Christians Care Less?
Could Christians Care Less: Are We Indifferent to the Cries of the Faithful?

More than any other period in the last two thousand years, Christians across the globe are facing persecution. From Africa to the Middle East, India to Southeast Asia, China, and North Korea, the global church is undergoing violent persecution. While Christians in America and in the West are aware of the plight of their brothers and sisters abroad, the question remains: do they care?

Macron, De Gaulle, America, and France
Macron, De Gaulle, America, and France

Headlines stressed French President Macron’s purportedly implied critique of Trump in his address to the United States Congress last week. But more significant is its continuity with the historical American-French friendship, however sometimes bumpy. Macron noted his speech was on the fifty-eighth anniversary of his predecessor President Charles de Gaulle’s 1960 address to the US Congress.

Robert Mugabe United Methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa Zimbabwe
Mugabe’s Avoidable Tyranny?

Could Robert Mugabe’s calamitous 37-year reign over Zimbabwe have been averted if America recognized United Methodist Bishop Abel Muzorewa?

Our Dual Heritage of Freedom: Reformation & Enlightenment
Our Dual Heritage of Freedom: Reformation & Enlightenment

This article, delineating the two kinds of freedom found in the tradition of Western civilization, was originally published in Christianity and Crisis on October 19th, 1942. Editor Henry P. Van Dusen clarifies the two strands of freedom that have developed in European thought. One comes from the Protestant Reformation, a freedom that comes as a result of being created in God’s image and the rights that entail; the other comes from the Enlightenment, a freedom that is intrinsic to man’s nature and “self-evident,” something that is somehow apparent to all.

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