Understand Brexit and the European Union Better by Understanding Theology: Review of Mark Royce’s The Political Theology of European Integration
Brexit and the European Union’s Overlooked Ingredient: Review of Mark Royce’s The Political Theology of European Integration

In The Political Theology of European Integration, Mark Royce corrects the political science discourse by explaining how political theology can affect international relations.

ProvCast Ep. 39: What Boris Johnson Entails for US Foreign Policy

Deputy Editor Mark Melton speaks with Niall Walsh, the Western Europe analyst at Oxford Analytica. They cover how and whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit by October 31, rising populism and nationalism in the UK, the possibility of Scotland becoming an independent country, problems with the UK Royal Navy, what a US-UK free trade deal might entail, how the UK is responding to the Iran crisis, and more.

ProvCast Ep. 24: Brexit, Anglo-American Relations & the Lessons of Lewis and Tolkien

Part Two of our conversation with Joe Loconte, Professor of History at The Kings College.

Britain, Brexit, and Leadership Failure
Britain, Brexit, and Leadership Failure

The Brexit process has sown a double distrust. Politicians doubt the wisdom of the electorate, and many of the voters doubt the goodwill of their leaders. It bodes ill for the future, especially at a time when populist parties are in the ascendancy across Europe.

Lord Fairfax & the Special Relationship

Nicholas, 14th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, spoke to an attentive Fairfax City audience on Brexit and Britain’s special relationship with America.

UK General Election Result: Winners and Losers
UK General Election Result: Winners and Losers

Despite Labour being the only party to gain a significant number of seats in the UK general election yesterday, they remain only the second-largest party in the Parliament.

UK General Election Guide and What the Result Could Mean Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Brexit
UK General Election Guide and What the Result Could Mean

Tomorrow is the UK general election. The outcome will determine who will lead Britain through Brexit negotiations, whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

ProvCast Episode 9: European Integration and the Church
ProvCast Ep. 9: European Integration and the Church

Mark Royce discusses the Church’s role in the European integration project that has developed into the European Union, which his forthcoming book evaluates.

What Will Brexit Mean? A Review
What Will Brexit Mean? A Review

This morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a speech thankfully detailing her vision for Brexit beyond vague references. Still, continued uncertainty makes this drama one of the top stories I’ll be watching through 2017 and 2018.

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