Mark Tooley

Mark Tooley is IRD’s president and editor of IRD’s foreign policy and national security journal, Providence. Prior to joining the IRD in 1994, Mark worked eight years for the Central Intelligence Agency. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and is a native of Arlington, Virginia. He is the author of Taking Back The United Methodist Church, published in 2008; Methodism and Politics in the 20th Century, published in 2012; and The Peace That Almost Was: The Forgotten Story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference and the Final Attempt to Avert the Civil War, published in 2015.

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Firebrand, Freedom & Providence

Providence will prevail, but the path is filled with martyrs.

Political Parties, Hubris & Providence

Electoral defeat, in a healthy society, is not an existential crisis, but a providential time for recalibration

Two Ladies, Two National Spirits

Great nations often have two great national spirits, two internal voices between which they must choose in providential times.

Protestantism as Father of “Liberalism”

Protestants cannot take over society but can infuse liberalism, with “moral meaning.”

Christian Nationalism vs Ukraine

Why do self-identified Christian nationalists widely disdain U.S. aid for Ukraine?

Dealing with Jimmy Carter

His presidency doesn’t model sound statecraft but his life across a century is a model for all.

Refuge for the Persecuted

May God always protect the prosecuted and the countries that give them asylum.

Shielding the Nation?

Dictators dishonor and corrupt, if not ruin their nations.

Navalny the Martyr

Of such heroes, like Navalny, Aquino, and Bonhoeffer, it can be said: “The world was not worthy of them.” 

Lech Walesa & Transcendent Truth

Great leaders who advance the cause of humanity are never cynical.