Mark Tooley

Mark Tooley is IRD’s president and editor of IRD’s foreign policy and national security journal, Providence. Prior to joining the IRD in 1994, Mark worked eight years for the Central Intelligence Agency. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and is a native of Arlington, Virginia. He is the author of Taking Back The United Methodist Church, published in 2008; Methodism and Politics in the 20th Century, published in 2012; and The Peace That Almost Was: The Forgotten Story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference and the Final Attempt to Avert the Civil War, published in 2015.

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Marksism – No. 50: Hamas Just War, Latin Religious Liberty, World Religion

This week the editors discuss Paul D. Miller’s article about Israel and Hamas, an editorial from 1946 explaining how Americans needed to understand world religion better, a look at religious freedom in South America, and Dunkirk.

Eric Nelson on Theology of Liberalism & Pelagianism

Eric Nelson of Harvard University discusses with Mark Tooley his book The Theology of Liberalism: Political Philosophy and the Justice of God, in which he connects liberalism’s origins to Christian debates over Augustine, Pelagius, and Arminianism.

USA/Germany & Cancel Culture

IRD/Providence hosted a conversation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation on Cancel Culture.

Marksism — No. 49: Jesus & Hamas, New Whiggery, & Iraq War

Today we’re covering three scintillating pieces from Providence this week, one on the Israel and Hamas conflict, another on a new book about the Iraq War, and thirdly, one by yours truly on the New Whiggery.

The New Whiggery

Whiggery isn’t an ideology or a political agenda. It’s a centuries old sensibility that counsels mutual respect, patience and optimism for persons and communities.

Marksism — No. 48: Gaza, Samaritan, LGBTQIA

In this week’s episode, the editors cover recent content, including on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Good Samaritan, and LGBT rights.

Robert Nicholson on Hamas Rockets and Israel

Philos Project Robert Nicholson explains the current crisis between Hamas and Israel.

Marksism — No. 47: Decadent America and USCIRF’s Report, and Pakistani Justice
Marksism — No. 47: Decadent America, USCIRF’s Report, and Pakistani Justice

In this week’s episode, the editors discuss Mark Tooley’s response to Sohrab Ahmari’s controversial tweet about a China-led twenty-first century and American decadence. They also recap Mark Melton’s conversation with Steven Howard about the 2021 report from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), along with an article about Pakistan’s justice system.

Kennedys & Global Statecraft

Here’s my chat with Lawrence Hass on his new book The Kennedys in the World: How Jack, Bobby and Ted Remade America’s Empire.

Decadent US vs. Virtuous China?

May America amid its sins seek virtue and justice. And may America never be at peace with a world led by tyrants.