Just War Tradition

rage, enmity, 9-11
An Enmity Wholesome and Wise

Commentary surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9-11 coalesced into broad themes of sorrow and rage. Both emotions were appropriate to the day.

Biden and the Surrender of Victory in Afghanistan
Biden and the Surrender of Victory in Afghanistan

What would President Roosevelt say of President Joe Biden and his Democratic administration abandoning the Afghan people? Perhaps Biden, and many in the West, have turned away from winning because they have lost a sense that victory, even an unsatisfying partial victory, is politically and morally viable.

A CH-47 Chinook helicopter crew chief keeps watch during a flight over Kabul, Afghanistan,
Tragedy and the Moral Life

Afghanistan’s fall is a shameful and unnecessary tragedy . We owe it to our warfighters and those who fought with them to do whatever good can still be done.

Pope Francis integral disarmament
Integral Disarmament: Or, How to Abandon Tradition, Reason, and Your Flock

Advocates of Integral Disarmament believe the weapons of war are inherently evil. Their consequent prescriptions leave the innocent defenseless

Power, Security, and Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Power, Security, and Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

As the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 looms, President Joe Biden has rushed to pull US troops out of Afghanistan. What are we to make of all of this?

Ethics of exit
Real(ist) Morality: Afghanistan & the Ethics of Exit

We are leaving Afghanistan before solidifying our gains and stabilizing the goods we have achieved. Even still, we can exit with honor.

Just War & Cybersecurity: The Old World Can Help Us with the New

The Just War Tradition can help both church and state navigate the moral complexities of cyber operations, guiding us toward proportionate responses

The Tears of a Father - Father's Day
The Tears of a Father

My rescued father revered Lincoln. “With malice toward none but with charity for all” was Lincoln’s Farewell Address to us. Leslie Morrison lived out Father Abraham’s good words. On Father’s Day, and every day, we can so live, too.

Force Short of War and Jus ad Vim
Force Short of War and Jus ad Vim

Force-short-of-war raises many moral questions, and jus ad vim has been an attempt to provide answers.

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