American Revolution

Jonathan Mayhew: Colonial Pastor against Tyranny
Jonathan Mayhew: Colonial Pastor against Tyranny

Today would be the 300th birthday of colonial pastor Jonathan Mayhew—a pastor, citizen, and prophet who articulated a rationale for self-defense by British citizens in North America.

Spiritually Defending July 4?

Amid grievance and despair, it’s a challenging season for believers in America and its founding principles. Most of the current protests echo the fads of postmodern academia, insisting that America is a uniquely wicked and oppressive enterprise without redemptive possibility. Much of the commanding heights of culture to some degree feel obliged to pay obeisance to this grim perspective; journalism, big corporations, philanthropies, the social sciences, entertainment moguls and personalities.

kavod good friday
Kavod!: Good Friday & The Weight of Glory

Christ’s sacrifice helps us to reflect on Divine glory and individual and national vocations.

George Washington President's Day
George Washington & American Power

Washington’s model is still within our reach. But it would require a renewed appreciation for the limits of the presidency, the limits of politics, and a renewed focus on the importance of character.

American Revolution July 4th Just War
Was the American Revolutionary War Just?

America has been a force for extraordinary good in the world. Is it possible her origins are more morally complex than generally imagined?

Molly Pitcher American Revolution
Girl Fight: Molly Pitcher at the American Revolution

At the Battle of Monmouth, she took over for a fallen soldier and worked a cannon against the enemy. She attracted the attention of George Washington–and a nation forever grateful.

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