Civil-Military Relations

Law and Just War Tradition: Passing HR 1009

Though soldiers and military leaders are bound by Just War Tradition (JWT), members of Congress and civilian leaders are not. The passage of HR 1009, is one step toward bridging this gap. 

Myanmar: Another Market for Chinese Economic Domination

“China has been a principal economic and military partner of the various Myanmar and Burma regimes since the beginning.”

Turkey’s Time has Come

Appeasement is an incentivizing force behind Turkey’s pursuit of strategic autonomy and extortion.

Maverick's Message
Maverick’s Message

Maverick is not just fun and thrilling and moving; it’s not just breathtaking cinematography; it’s not just a great story; it’s not just great story-telling. For those with ears to hear, Maverick offers a powerful and needed message—and hence, much more than the original.

Of Course, We Will Not Draft Our Daughters
Of Course We Will Not Draft Our Daughters

Feminist-minded advocates have sought for decades to include women in a would-be draft in the name of progress and equity. Senate Democrats pushed and compliant Republicans acquiesced to an amendment in the defense bill that would require women to register with the Selective Service.

China and The Great Network Power

The US created today’s system of global exchange. Now, Beijing is manipulating it to subvert American security, prosperity, and values.

From the Trenches to the Shire & Narnia: Review of Joseph Loconte’s A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War
From the Trenches to Narnia: Review of Loconte’s A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War

While Lewis and Tolkien’s faith and contributions are well-known, most do not realize they both fought in the First World War as young men. Even fewer recognize how their time in the western front’s trenches influenced their faith and later works. However, in A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and a Great War, Providence senior editor Joseph Loconte explains in his typical, approachable prose how the war affected these two men deeply and how those experiences influenced their writings and faith.

Presbyterian Church Serves Military Families with Hail and Farewell, Educated Civilians
Presbyterian Church Serves Military Families with “Hail and Farewell,” Educates Civilians

Can other churches use hail and farewell events to welcome military families better, educate civilians about military life, and show how servicemembers serve the church?

Once the Shooting Stops: U.S. Military Forces in the Aftermath of War Review of Drawdown: The American Way of Postwar
Once the Shooting Stops: U.S. Military Forces in the Aftermath of War

Drawdown: The American Way of Postwar is a fascinating analysis not of how the U.S. fights wars, but what it does in their aftermath.

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