Emily de la Bruyere

Emily de La Bruyère directs China research at a research firm supporting defense, intelligence, and corporate leaders who face long-range strategic challenges and resource allocation decisions. She has pioneered novel collection and analysis tools for PRC data. Her work has explored Indo-Pacific regional trends in techno-economic competition, public opinion, economic, and military affairs. She has published relevant commentaries in The Octavian Report, Bloomberg View, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times, among others.


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A Guide to the US-China Contest in 2020
A Guide to the US-China Contest in 2020

The real 2020 questions about the US-China contest lie in how they influence the context for global trade, technology standards, military tools, and power projection.

China Silences Individuals’ Special Genius as America Nods

America believes “in the dignity of each man, woman, and child. Our entire system is founded on an appreciation of the special genius of each individual.”

Ep. 45: China and the Great Network Power

Managing Editor Drew Griffin interviews Emily de La Bruyere and Nate Picarsic, Founders of Radar Lock Research; As they discuss…

China and The Great Network Power

The US created today’s system of global exchange. Now, Beijing is manipulating it to subvert American security, prosperity, and values.